Rite Farm Products Pro Master Series 120 Chicken Egg Incubator

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Rite Farm Products Pro Master Series 120 chicken egg capacity 2 level incubator & hatcher. New top end model has the very latest in egg incubation technology. Features a Mother Hen Roller egg turner system that is the closest match to natural egg birth on the market today. Eggs are laid down and roller turned just like a mother hen for the highest hatch rates in the industry. Also features an ultra quiet circulated air fan system to keep even and steady temps throughout the incubator. Seriously, it is so quiet you could put it in your bedroom. Digital display control panel for both temperature in Fahrenheit and humidity. Completely automated digital control panel has both a temperature and hygrometer probe to maintain a constant optimum environment for incubation. Built in LED egg candler right on the face of the unit for easy egg testing. Includes a poly washable hatcher mat for easy egg placement during lock down period. Entire unit is a durable poly design so it can easily be washed and cleaned between hatches unlike the disposable Styrofoam incubators that cannot be properly cleaned after use. Also includes a water bottle with pour spout for easy exterior filling of water without having to open incubator. This keeps the unit closed so your warm air and humidity does not escape every time you want to refill the water. Rite Farm Products Incubators come will a full 1 year warranty and all parts are available and stocked should you ever need them. Standard US 110 volt plug in, and uses only 50 watts. Holds approximately 120 large chicken eggs, 90 Duck, Goose, or Turkey Eggs, or 225 quail eggs with optional quail egg rollers sold separately. Approximate outside dimensions: 19.25"L x 16.5"W x 11"H

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