42 Quart 5 in 1 Propane Pro Poultry Scalder Chicken

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Rite Farm Products 5 in 1 Propane Pro Scalder. Huge main aluminum pot with pour spout has a 42 quart capacity (40 liters) (10.5 gallons). Includes Steam, boil, and fry basket with handle, steam rack, 42 quart aluminum pot with pour spout, 28,500 BTU burner, fully adjustable propane dial, thermometer, lid, hose and regulator to connect to standard propane tanks. Will hold 2 adult chickens or 1 turkey at a time. Works great for scalding and we recommend scalding chickens at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideal for dipping birds to loosen feathers prior to plucking. Also ideal for sealing and shrinking poultry shrink bags at 185 degrees. Steam rack and basket are great for steaming large amounts of vegetables. Huge pot is great for frying chickens and turkey's, and the pour spout makes it easy to return your cooking oil back into the jug when you are finished. When you have a pot this large it is a breeze to feed large amounts of people when using this to boil and cook large amounts of food. From corn to chicken to jambalaya this massive 42 quart pot will cook mass amount of just about anything. And with a fully adjustable propane dial getting it the correct temperature and cooking it to perfection is a breeze.
The trick to a good plucking is a thorough, accurate scald until the primary wing feather can be pulled with no effort. This unit works great when you have chickens, quail, game birds, ducks, turkeys or geese to process, and with a 42 quart capacity you can fit two large chickens at a time with ease. Heavy-duty 28,500 BTU propane burner for heating water quick and for fast heat recovery. It measures 32" tall x 17.5" wide x 15" deep overall not including adjustable burner dial (24 inches deep with dial included). Designed to be set on a sturdy level surface away from other objects or anything combustible. Aluminum pot and lid are machine formed and pressed. Lite scuffs and scratches are normal to be present when you receive them as this commonly happens during the manufacturing process.

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