Red Rite Farm Products Lifetime Series XL Chicken Coop

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Please Note: The included assembly instructions for this coop are very poor. Please plan on also referring to the pictures when assembling. If you cannot assemble items from looking at pictures do not buy this coop. There are 11 pictures posted. We have discounted this coop from $599.99 to $499.99 for this reason. Plan on spending at least 4 hours assembling this coop. Please understand and agree to this prior to purchase, or do not purchase. Thank You
Rite Farm Products model XLCC Red Lifetime Series Chicken Coop. Constructed from top quality anodized aluminum frames and polycarbonate panels. Made to last your chickens a Lifetime with zero weather maintenance. Will not break down in just a year or two as this is not made from cheap china fir pine or a single thin shingle layer. You will not have to stain and polyurethane this coop each year to keep it from rotting to pieces. This was a passion for us at CoopsNMore to bring you a far better backyard coop that is still affordable for everyone. Our company was founded on building better coops and runs out of materials actually made to be outdoors. We took a short break from building coops so we could bring you the best backyard coops, made to last your chickens a lifetime. Even the chicken wire is powder coated, so even the wire will not rust. You will not find a better backyard coop designed for true outdoor use for less, guaranteed. We recommend this coop for 8 to 12 full size laying hens depending on breed and size. If you have bantam chickens this will hold up to 16 of the mini ladies.
75 inches long overall x 48 inches wide excluding nest box, including nest box 61 inches wide x 77 inches tall. (you the customer are responsible for knowing and understanding the size and dimensions prior to deciding to buy and make your purchase. If you receive a coop from us and thought it would be a different size you will be responsible to pay for expensive 2 box return shipping and any shipping damage that may occur from shipping it twice. Please clearly know and understand the size prior to purchase. Get out your tape measure for a visual aid! Thanks!)
-5mm thick polycarbonate coop panels. (what is polycarbonate? it is what they use on commercial greenhouses and is molded with UV blockers to not break down the plastic from the sun)
-Anodized aluminum framework. (what is anodized aluminum? It is aluminum that has been electronically dipped in a finish to keep it from ever oxidizing from outdoor weather. This makes it always look great even after years of exposer to the sun and weather)
-Strong 1/2 x 3/4 inch spaced powder coated welded wire mesh for the run area. (the strongest material ever used for a chicken run that we know of)
-Latches and barrel locks for both the coop and the run areas.
-Double doors for large openings to both the coop and the run area.
-Ladder stairs included for the chickens to get from the coop to the run.
-Twin slide out base trays for easy cleaning. Just hose it off and replace with fresh nesting material.
-Properly vented for fresh air inside coop.
-The entire coop is washable with a garden hose and poop comes right off of aluminum and polycarbonate. (ever tried to clean chicken poop off of wood? Impossible)
-Large 2 hole nesting box with rear door and latch for easy daily egg removal.
-Proper size and round 1.25 inch wide by 73 inch long aluminum perch for roosting/sleeping. (ever tried to clean poop off of a wooden perch? Impossible, you may as well just throw it away)
-Coop ships mostly unassembled. Includes the main tool needed for assembly, an Allen wrench. This will take an average skill builder approximately 4 plus hours to build after unpacking.
-Building it will take some time. When you are done you will be impressed on how well it is built. You will also wonder how you got a coop built this well out of aluminum delivered to your door for a price that low. A lot of the value is in the 6 years we spent on design and material improvements. We also do not make large profits on this coop so that more people can own it and enjoy backyard chickens like we do a CoopsNMore.

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