Feed & Grain Grinding Mill Electric 110v Includes all 9 Grinder Plates & Can

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Rite Farm Products electric feed and grain grinding mill with clamp on can. Our unit includes all 9 sizes of grinder sieve plates for every possible feed and grain use. So, no matter how fine or course you want your grain, the plates are included. No other brand includes or offers all 9 plates or stocks replacements. This is the perfect grinding mill for any homestead or family farm. Our grinder features a 1 piece industrial 4 blade cutter for maximum cutting force and speed. Blade can handle corn, wheat, oats, and many other grains, dried vegetables and fruit. Powerful 1 1/3 HP industrial motor for long term reliable use. Massive 3.5-gallon intake hopper funnel makes it a breeze to fill and keep the grains in the funnel for a longer period of time between fillings, & for ease of use. Will grind up to 880 pounds of grain per hour. The grind speeds will vary and are completely dependent on the grain you are grinding, the grinding sieve plate size, the grains moisture content, density, and other factors. The can capacity will hold up to 15 gallons of feed. We offer this grinder in both a can style and leg style grinder and are the same except the can and legs. They both have their benefits based on your specific use. The can style keeps the dust levels down and you transfer the grain from the can into a bucket or larger (say 55 gallon) drum for storage. The leg style is great for putting the grain directly into storage buckets. Buckets from 1 gallon to 6 gallon will fit between the legs. This will keep you from transferring the grain but will put some grain dust in the air. You can clamp a hose to the discharge end to cut down on the dust while in use. Overall dimensions are 41 Inches high by 18.5 inches wide by 16 inches deep. Weighs approximately 16 pounds. 

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