How do I return an item?

Please contact customer service at 903-537-FARM (3276) for an RA # when returning an item.

Most unused items purchased are backed by a full 14 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase within 14 days of receiving the item/items please notify us and we will gladly issue you an RA number. Any items sent back without an RA number issued by us will be refused. Items sent back missing parts, pieces, documents, or instructions may be subject to a 15% or more, restocking fee. Any items sent back that receive damage, you will be responsible to file any claim as you are the shipper. Be sure when shipping items back that they are properly packaged to ensure safe transit. The packaging we use to ship your purchase are only intended to travel from our location to yours. You may need to use new packaging when returning items to ensure safe transit. Made to order items are made one at a time per customers orders. These made to order items do not have a return policy as they are specifically made for customers orders. We have the right to refuse or deny a return for any reason we deem necessary. Keep in mind we are a small business and are reasonable merchants. We are happy to work out any questions or issues you may have on items purchased within reason. Items used for poultry such as pluckers, scalders, coops, incubators, feeders, waterers, cannot be returned in the mail once they have been used and placed in an area with poultry, as it can contain disease or fecal matter.


All Rite Farm Products brand items are backed by a 1 year warranty. All other brands are covered by the terms of there manufactures respected warranty. The warranty is a parts only warranty and covers only manufactures defects. Should the item or a part of an item be defective we will replace the unit or replace the defective part under warranty once we have determined it is a manufactures defect. The warranty does not cover acts of God, acts from predators, or items that were damaged from misuse or abuse. It is up to the customer to use all items purchased in the correct manner. All items being used outdoors such as coops, runs, broiler pens, pluckers, scalders, must be placed in an area safe from wind and any weather that can cause damage. It is up to the customer to choose safe outdoor locations for placing such items away from wind, weather, and predators. Outdoor items such as coops, runs, and pens that are placed in locations with any wind must be anchored to the ground with stakes, with weight, or with earth anchors to secure to ground. Most coops and runs we sell are lightweight and must be placed in a non-windy 5mph or less, non-predator location for this reason. Items damaged because of weather or poultry killed by predators are never covered under any warranty and it is up to the user of the item to protect the item and the animals inside of it. Many items are needed to care for poultry, rabbits, and other livestock. The shelter or coop is just one item. Items such as fences, electric fences, earth anchors, guardian animals, proper feeding and watering systems must all be in place prior to owning livestock in order to care for them properly. Even with all systems correctly in place acts of God can happen and accidents can occur. None of which are covered under any warranty.


All items are to be returned at the buyer's expense. The only exception to this rule is if an item purchased was damaged in shipping. All items shipped by common carrier such as USPS & FedEx, you will be required to provide us with pictures of the shipping damage. We require the pictures for both verification of damage and for use when we file any damage claims against the product that received damage. Any item shipped on a pallet by semi freight, such as a cabinet incubator must be inspected for damage or defects prior to signing for the item in good condition. Any items shipped by semi freight are to be refused if they are damaged or defective/non-functional in any way. If you receive an item by semi freight and have any questions or concerns when unloading the item, you can call us with any questions prior to signing for the item in good condition. We call and email you prior to shipment to verify your number and to explain this information. Once an item is signed for you take possession and ownership of the item.

Our Rite Farm Products warranty covers parts only, should a part ever fail or become defective during your warranty period we will ship you a replacement part at our expense. You are required to replace the part or have the part replaced at your expense as your purchase was an online purchase that was shipped to you, and we do not have service centers. Pictures may be required to help determine or diagnose what part may need to be replaced. Any part being replaced under warranty is to be determined as being damaged or defective by 4 Front Inc. only, and not by the buyer. Parts that affect the items operation such as a control panel on an incubator are items that we can consider to be defective and would affect the operation of the item. Minor blemishes such as scuffs, scratches, small dings, dents, alignment, squareness, or exact shape or size are not items we would ever consider to be defects under warranty. An item or part that would restrict a product from its function are the only items or parts that would be considered for replacement under warranty if the item should become unable to function during your warranty period. Please contact customer service at 903-537-FARM (3276) for any warranty issues or concerns. 


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