10 leg bands in 10 different colors #8 with a 1/2" inside diameter

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10 leg bands in 10 different colors. The colors included are as follows: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Black, White, Brown, & Orange. The size of the leg band is #8 with a 1/2" inside diameter. Please look at the chart below to get an idea of the correct size you will need for your bird. As the buyer it is your responsibility to measure your birds legs to get the correct size. We are not responsible for sizing errors.

Band Name Inside Diameter Breed of Poultry, Small Birds, Game Birds, etc.
No. 4 1/4" Baby Chicks, Small Pigeons (Squabs, Archangels, Nuns,
Tipplers, Rollers, Turbets, Fantails), Doves, Growing Pheasants-
4 to 8 wks, Quail (adult Northern, Southern, Mississippi,
Massachusetts, Bobwhite Quail), Indoor House Birds.
No. 5 5/16" Medium Pigeons (Homers, Commons, Jacobines, Barbs, Owls,
Dragons), Pheasant Females (Golden & Fancy Breeds, Adults),
Wild Ducks (1 day-6 wks), Wild Geese (1 day-6wks), Blue Wing-
ed Teal, Hungarian Partridge, Woodduck.
No. 6 3/8" Growing Chicks, Large Pigeons (Show Homers, English Carriers,
Carneaux, English Pouters, Hungarian Kings, White Kings, Mon-
daines, Feather Legged Toys), agult Ringneck Pheasants, Wild-
Ducks (6wks to adult), Wild Geese (4-10 wks), Woodducks, Ruf-
fed Grouse (female), Chukar Partidge, Gadwall Ducks, Pintail-
Ducks, Prairie Chickens, Chinese Pheasants.
No. 7 7/16" Bantams, Largest Pigeons (Giant Runts, Crosses, Tiger Swallows,
Runt Crosses, Trumpeters, Bantams), Pheasants (male all breeds)
Wild Ducks (Mallards, adults-all breeds), Sage Grouse (female), Pea-
cock Pheasants, Ringneck Pheasant, Mallard Ducks, Baldpate & Pin-
tail Ducks, Ruffed Grouse (male).
No. 8 1/2" Grouse, Geese (6 to 12 wks), Wild Ducks, English Call Ducks, Sage -
Grouse (male), Chinese Pheasants (male), Ringnecks Pheasants-
(Male), Growing Chickens.
No. 9 9/16" Leghorn Hens, Games, Ducks.
No. 10 5/8" Universal size for many chickens, Minorcas, Wyandottes,
Many Crossbreeds and Sex Links
No. 11 11/16" Universal size for many large chickens,
Plymouth Rock Hens, Rhode Island Red Hens, Leghorn Cocks.
No. 12 3/4" Universal size for many XL chickens,
Orpingtons, etc.., Canadian Geese (small race), Wild Geese, Wild
Turkeys, Brahmas, Langshans.
No. 14 7/8" TurkeyHens, Very Large Male Chickens,Geese, Canadian Geese-
(large race, Honkers), Large Wild Turkeys, Jersey Giant Cocks, Swan.
No. 16 1" Turkey Toms, Large Geese.

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