12 pack Rabbit nipple water drinker Ferret, Rat, Guinea Pig, Mice

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12 pack of top quality nipple water drinkers with included poly tees and mounting springs. With this listing you have the freedom to design your own watering system the way you want it and save big by doing it yourself. No experience necessary. Pets learn to use them fast, whether they are a day old or 5 years old. Works great for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, large mice and possibly other pets.

Connects to very flexible 1/4" Inside diameter poly tubing or will fit all 5/16" inside diameter poly tubing.

Can be disassembled for easy cleaning and will securely attach to any wire cage with hole spacing from 1/2" up to 2" square.

Water nipples work under low pressure (5 psi or less). If you are attaching nipples to poly hose the water needs to be gravity fed. If you are wanting to connect it directly to a garden hose (house pressure) you will need a pressure regulator to regulate the pressure down. House pressure can be 30 to 70 pounds of pressure, you would need to regulate it down to 5 or less. Otherwise your pets will get a shower rather than a drink and it can cause damage to the nipple. We offer the regulators in our store for doing this (they are in the chicken watering section but also work with these nipples).

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