25x25 Anti Bird Netting Poultry Aviary Net

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Rite Farm Products 25 foot by 25 foot top quality polyethylene bird netting. Quality UV resistant netting uses 6 braided strands on each rope. Rope is spaced and knotted every 2.4 inches. 2.4 inch spacing is correct for keeping poultry from getting there heads stuck and will keep aerial predators out. Many nets were tested here at Rite Farm Products prior to choosing one that meets our standards. This is a lightweight, strong and lasting net that we are happy to offer to our customers and for our own personal use. When choosing a net you want something that is lightweight but lasts. Having 6 braided stands on each line means it is strong and will stand up to abuse. Sizes are approximate due to the nature of its quality 2.4 inch knotted design and your ability to pull it tight to its approximate size. 3x2 Braid.

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