3 Pack Of 3 Gallon 12 Quart Flat Back Rubber Feed Buckets Livestock Pail

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3 pack of 3 gallon capacity rubber flat back buckets with metal handles. Molded from the finest corded rubber on the market, nothing matches the pliability and strength of Double-Tuf rubber. Flat-sided buckets are a favorite on farms and ranches everywhere. The flat side fits more compactly for hanging against a wall or fence, plus it makes hauling heavy loads a lot easier. This one is an ample size for feeding and watering larger livestock. Made from safe recycled and natural rubber that will handle the roughest treatment your animals can give. Stays soft and resists cracking even in the coldest weather, so you can leave it outside year-round. The reinforced rim holds a strong wire handle, notched for secure hanging. Approximate 12.75 inch long by 13.25 inch wide by 10.5 inch high, holds 3 gallons (12 quarts).

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