36oz Rite Farm Products 6 inch solid base rabbit feeder No lid

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Rite Farm Products 6 inch wide solid base feeder without lid. Holds 36 ounces of dry feed. No lid is great for indoor use and to avoid opening and closing a lid each time to add feed. Made to fit better in between wire rabbit cages openings with 1"x 2" wire spacing. Being a correct 6 inches wide you can cut out three 2 inch wide sections of you cage and still keep the vertical wires in tact. With other brand rabbit feeders that are 5 and 7 inches wide you have to cut half of a 1x2 inch square leaving sharp ends as they are odd width feeders going on even width 1x2 inch spaced wire. Correctly fits our Rite Farm Products Cages along with all other brands along with hand made cages.

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