11 Pack of Aluminum 5 Ft Long 6 Rail 40" Tall Sheep & Goat Panels & One 58" Gate (11 Panels, 1 Gate)

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Rite Farm ProductsSKU: 60AP40X11P58AG40

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11 Pack of Rite Farm Products aluminum 5-foot-long Texas made panels and one 58-inch-long gate. Panels and gate can be used and connected in many different configurations to build all sorts of different pens, stalls, or handling systems. Pictured are just a few examples of a 15x15 square pen, a 19-foot round pen, and a 30x15 foot pen connected to an existing fence, wall, or building. Panels are 40 inches tall overall. Features heavy duty 1-inch square welded aluminum tubing. Small livestock panels feature a 5.5 to 6-inch spacing. Our aluminum sheep and goat panels are specifically designed for homestead herds that handle well to panels. Gate includes 2 pair of hinges with hardware for connecting to panel. Also includes a 5-inch gate wheel and a chain latch with clasp for a secure closure. Pack includes 11 panels, 1 gate, and 20 panel clamps with hardware for connecting to other panels. Panel clamps can be switched out with wall mount brackets by request. Aluminum is a mill finish. Made in the USA in Saltillo, Texas. Assembly & a drill and or impact driver with a Phillips bit, a 7/16", 5/8" & 11/16" socket are required for our aluminum panel systems.

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