4 Pack of Rite Farm Products Turbo Pro 10# Chick Feeder

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4 pack of Rite Farm Products Turbo Pro 10 pound capacity chick feeders. Perfect for feeding both broiler and layer chicks during their time in the brooder. Turbo Pro feeder tests have shown up to a 14% higher final live weight for broilers with the use of our feeder. We recommend it be used for 25 chicks per feeder with a max of up to 50 chicks per feeder. Works great for all breeds of baby chicks including bantams. Low and narrow feed ring trough makes it easy for all breeds to access feed. Feeder features a strong commercial duty poly design that is made to last. Feed pictured is for reference only and is not included.
-Feeder holds up to 10 pounds of chick starter feed
-11 inches wide by 7.25 inches tall
-Increases flock uniformity
-Increases feed conversion
-Narrow feed ring trough eliminates wasted feed
-Perfect for crumbles, mash, or hand made feeds
1 feeder per 25 baby chicks is recommended to prevent over crowding the feeder

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