4 Pack-Rite Farm Products Auto Pro Chick Waterer

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4 pack of Rite Farm Products Auto Pro chick waterers with built in floats & included 3/8 Barbed tees. Gravity fed waterer works by connecting waterer to a bucket, drum, or pail of water. Can be run in a series to support multiple or large brooders, from 1 water source. For example: If you have 100 chicks you buy 4 waterers and connect them in line with the included 3/8 barbed tees and run all of them to your 1 water source (bucket). Then all you need to do is keep water in your 1 bucket. Our Auto Pro chick waterers connect to 3/8 I.D. hose that you connect to the waterer and the bucket. Bucket must be placed higher than the waterer so the law of gravity fills the waterer. Automatic float inside the waterer will always keep the waterer full. No more twice daily cleanings and fillings for your chick waterer. Designed with hanger to be hung from rope, chain, or cable and must be placed on a level surface prior to adding water. We recommend hanging it 1.5 inches off the bedding and placing it on a square piece of 2x12 pine for day old standard breed chicks. Hanging it is necessary to keep chicks from being able to tip it sideways, even though it is resting on a board. The 1.5 inch thick board will also act as a step to keep the pine shavings away from entering the waterer, for a cleaner brooder. When the chicks start to grow you continue to raise the waterer to the correct height levels by adding material. Perfect waterer for all poultry chicks during their time in the brooder. We recommend it be used for up to 25 chicks per waterer. Works great for all breeds of baby chicks including bantams. Divided 12 stall water ring trough makes it easy for all breeds to access water safely. Waterer features a strong commercial duty poly design that is made to last.
-7 inches wide by 4 inches tall.
-Automatic float keeps waterer full and shuts off when full.
-Includes 3/8" barbed tees for connecting waterers in a series.
-Built in hanger loop.
-Connects to 3/8 I.D. hose, sold separately or available at any hardware store.
-Divided 12 water stalls, help avoid water from spilling, crowding, and drowning.
-1 waterer for up to 25 baby chicks is recommended to prevent over crowding the waterer.
-The Perfect chick watering system you have been waiting for!

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