Rite Farm Products Auto Waterer Drinker Cups

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Rite Farm Products automatic cup style drinkers with built in floats and includes the necessary barbed fittings to connect it to 3/8" hose. Fills itself automatically, NO yellow trigger for the chickens to peck to fill, this cup fills itself and shuts off itself!!! Drinker cup is a breeze to clean as it quickly disconnects from hose. Cup attaches to any wire cage type surface with a 3/8" or larger mesh size. Attaches to chicken wire, hardware cloth, any wire fencing, from 3/8" up to 1" tall square holes. Large 2.5 inch wide cup is 1.75 inches deep and will work for ducks beaks. This unit will provide many seasons of trouble free use and can be used for many different birds. Cup utilizes a float system that automatically shuts off the water source when the cup is full. You can design your own drinker system and add as many cups to the hose as you wish up to 210 drinker cups per system. Drinkers work under low pressure at 5 psi or less. If you are wanting to hook your water system to garden hose pressure that is fine, but you will need a regulator in order for you to do so. We sell the regulator for reducing the pressure in our store along with the 3/8" clear hose. Hose, hose management clamps, and regulator are sold separate and are not included.

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