48 pack of 5"x9" Quail Grouse Shrink Bags Poultry Freezer

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Rite Farm Products 48 pack of 5"x9" quail, grouse, game hen, dove, crow, pigeon size shrink bags. Commercial quality shrink bags keep your poultry fresh longer, and give your birds a professional look for resale.
-Handles the following per bag: -1 Quail, -1 Game Hen, -1 Grouse, -1 Dove, -1 Pigeon, -1 Dove, -1 Crow, -2 Average Chicken Breasts, -2 Average Chicken Thighs, -Up to 6 Average Chicken wings or Drummies.
-curved base for a tight professional look
-USA made & BPA Free
-Strong 2 mil barrier thickness
-Heat pot of water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
-Place quail or chicken pieces tightly into the bag.
-Press and remove the air out as much as possible.
-Twist and or spin the open end shut, secure shut with a ring pliers and ring or zip tie.
-Cut a small 1" slit in center of the bag where there is meat. The air must escape thru this slit when shrinking the bag in hot water.
-Dunk the quail or poultry and bag in the pot of water for 2 to 3 seconds and remove. Dunking it for longer than 3 seconds can cause water to enter the slit you cut.
-Place your label over the slit you cut in the bag to remove air. If they are for personal use and you do not have labels a strong waterproof tape will work.

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