5 gallon gravity waterer kit for automatic watering

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5 gallon gravity waterer kit for automatic chicken waterers. Great for systems using nipples, cups, troughs, or many other systems. This gravity kit attaches to waterers so you do not need to dedicate a hose line to your watering system. All you need to do with this gravity kit is simply fill the 5 gallon pail and connect it to the waterer (as shown in pictures). As long as the 5 gallon pail has water in it will keep your waterers full. This kit cuts out all of the guess work on what fittings, drill bits and other parts to buy. Designed by city chicken farmers for city, urban, and hobby chicken farmers. Waterer in 2nd and 3rd picture is for reference only and is not included. .
Quality poly & brass hose connection fittings
5' leader hose to connect to your waterers.
Reusable pail lid to keep the water clean and fresh
Simply place on a flat level surface at or above the grade of the waterer you are connecting it to. Connect the garden hose, fill the 5 gallon pail with water and your chickens will always have nice water on hand.

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