Black 50 Watt ceramic emitter heater bulb

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Black 50 Watt ceramic emitter heater bulb. 110V E27 socket (the most common light socket you see in your home). Why you should choose ceramic infrared heater for your brooder, coop, pet house, reptile or amphibian pets?

The reasons are:
1. No Light emitted: Your pets will get used to large light emission from light bulb heater, especially when they need heat in cold winters. Some pets can hardly control themselves from being a long distance away from the light source. While such an adaption could eventually damaged their eye vision irreversibly. You would always need to keep light bulb on 24 hours a day. A non-light heater will not disturb their day/night conversion.

2. Resistance to humid areas & terrariums: Water proof design of ceramic heater allows them to work effectively in humid environments without burning out. This heater will not break even if water was tossed at it after 30 minutes of power on! So you do not need to worry if your pets may splash water onto it or be concerned of its weather tolerance. It will work in an open air garden, room, or coop, safely for many years.

3. Ultra long durability: 20,000 hours endless operation time. 20 time longer life span than many incandescent light bulbs.

4. Low temperature rising: Ceramic heater makes use of infrared emission to transmit heat energy to your pets. Ceramic will not bring lots of heat to just one area. It will not generate a large hot zone near ceramic heater but will spread thruout your pets area so they can get level heat thru infrared radiation. This is the most safe and effective way to bring heat energy to your pets.

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