Bucket, drum, pail 3/8" hose barb gravity kit

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Rite Farm Products gravity waterer fitting kit for our Rite Farm Products poultry drinker cups (our drinker part number RPC). Simply drill a 7/8 inch hole in any bucket, drum, or pail and install fittings. Converts any bucket, drum, or pail in to a gravity water reservoir to connect to your poultry drinker system. This fitting kit attaches to 3/8" I.D. hose and connects to your poultry cup hose and tees. Giving all of your poultry cups in your system a supply of water. This kit cuts out all of the guess work on what fittings, O-rings, and other parts to buy. Designed by city chicken farmers for city, urban, and hobby chicken farmers.
Quality poly connection fittings
Includes correct barbed hose fitting to connect to the same hose that the model RPC poultry drinker cups we sell connect to.
Simply provide bucket, drinker cups/tees, and hose, (all not included) to make a complete watering system for your chickens.

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