1L 33.8oz Auto Fill Baby Chick Cup & Quail Drinker Bottle Cage Chicken Waterer 1QT

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Rite Farm Products 1 Liter (33.8 Ounce) Auto Fill Chick & Quail cage drinker cup and bottle with flip top easy fill lid. No more removing bottles to refill water! This drinker allows for a gravity flow automatic refill water source for your birds. The flip top lid allows for easy refill without needing to remove the bottle from the cage. Water level is easily checked with the translucent bottle. Metal bottle hanger is included to ensure your bottle will mount to any style of cage.

  • Heavy duty wide opening drinker cup to allow multiple birds to drink from at the same time.
  • Flip Top Easy Fill Lid
  • Great for Chickens, Quail and more.
  • Drinker cup automatically refills itself.

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