4 Pack Of 1 3/8" Gate Corner Elbows / Tee For Chain Link Fence & Canopy & 1" PVC Pipe

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4 Pack of Rite Farm Products gate corners for 1 3/8" chain link / canopy pipe or even 1" PVC pipe. Specially designed gate corners will allow the pipe to slide through one side to also be used as a heavy duty inline tee. Giving this model the ability to be a multipurpose elbow or tee, unlike the molded aluminum elbow only models. Unit will also work as a heavy duty corner/tee for various projects with 1 inch PVC in either schedule 40, 80, or electrical PVC. Keep in mind 1 inch PVC O.D. is 1.315" and this fitting is for 1.375" so it will not be tight but will hold well. 1 3/8" chain link pipe and canopy pipe is the same and accepts the same fittings, just the pipe gauge thickness will vary. So you can use this on a chain link fence, canopy, carport, or many other projects. 4 predrilled prior to galvanize holes are sized for 5/16" hardware. a 5th corner hole is designed to hold fencing or framework hardware to strengthen your gate and is welded at the joint. Heavy Duty galvanized steel and made to stand the test of time.

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