Propane 15 Gallon Pro Poultry Scalder Chicken MADE in the USA

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Rite Farm Products Heavy Duty Made in the USA Aluminum 15-gallon Propane Dual Purpose Pro Scalder. Industrial Duty scalding pot is over 1/8" thick and nearly 3/16" thick (.16 actual). Our propane model includes electronic ignition and a fully adjustable dial control, much like your propane grills. Making it very easy to fully adjust and maintain your desired temperature. Digital top-quality thermometer lets you clearly see the temperature at any given time. This full size pro scalder holds up to 15 gallons of water. You scald chickens at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. 180 degrees for shrink bags. Just fill it halfway with water, connect to propane bottle, turn propane on, push & turn control dial to electronically ignite the burner and get the pot of water up to the desired temperature. Ideal for dipping birds to loosen feathers prior to plucking. Also ideal for sealing and shrinking poultry shrink bags. We recommend shrink bagging your poultry at 180 degrees. When you are not using it to process poultry it also works great for making party size Jambalaya, Crawfish or Crab boils, Chili, Soups, Stews, or even stewing big batches of vegetables from the garden. Includes propane regulator to connect to YOUR propane tank (not included).

The trick to a good plucking is a thorough, accurate scald. This unit works great when you have chickens, quail, game birds, ducks, turkeys or geese to process, and with a round 15-gallon capacity you can fit two large chickens or one turkey at a time with ease. Heavy-duty cast 28,500 btu burner for fast heating and heat recovery. Gets up to temperature faster than any other brand as ours has a lid with handle to keep the heat in.

It measures 32" tall x 19.5" wide with handles x 24" deep overall. Pot inside diameter is 15 5/8" by 17 3/4" deep. Weighs approximately 26 pounds empty. Estimated capacities are: 3 standard breed chickens or 2 large (Cornish cross) chickens or 1 large turkey or goose or 2 ducks or 20 plus quail per dunk. Designed to be set on sturdy level ground so you can easily lift in and out birds. Includes detailed instructions "which must be read and followed prior to use". Do not start any scalder without water in the pot.

Please Consider Our Features Prior To Purchasing a Scalder:

-Is the scalder made to last in the USA in Saltillo Texas like ours? Or is it made in China with no parts available and will fry after only a few uses?

-Can you call for parts or help? Our number is 903-537-FARM, Call us anytime!!

-Is the scalder you are looking at dual purpose and can it be also used to shrink bag your birds? Ours Is.

-Is the pot round? Ours Is. Round pots have a larger, easier to fully use opening than square ones with dead space, and unusable corner zones.

-Does the scalder you are looking at have a lid with handle to hold the heat in? Ours does.

-Is the scalder pot you are looking at Aluminum and nearly 3/16 (.16) of an inch thick? Ours Is. Or is it paper thin Chinese Stainless steel that actually will rust?

-Does it have a digital thermometer to check the temperature? Ours Does.

-Is it a fully welded unit? Ours Is. Or is it bolt together? Or does it have cheap Chinese spot or tack welds?

-Does it have legs to get it off the ground, so the burner doesn't get wet and destroyed? Ours Does.

-Does it have a good (no bending over) working height design with no stand required? Ours Does.

-Does it weigh under 27 pounds so it can easily be transported by one person? Ours Does.

-Are the scalders you are considering this feature packed, Aluminum, and as affordable as our Pro Scalder?

MADE IN THE USA with pride in Saltillo Texas!!!

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