2 gallon chicken waterer with 4 poultry nipple drinker stations

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Rite Farm Products 2 gallon capacity chicken waterer that has 4 horizontal side mount poultry nipple drinker stations.  Perfect size for growing and bantam poultry.  Bucket though difficult to see in the pictures is translucent.  Designed to block out harmful UV rays that cause algae growth and still allow the user to clearly see the water level. Drinker Nipples are horizontal side mount ultra flow screw in style nipples for easy drinking for your birds.  Should be hung just above the height of your birds so they are looking up as they are getting a drink.  No more messy water bases like traditional chicken waterers!!!

Training Instructions:  Install waterer and tap the nipples allowing water to drip so the chickens know where the water is.  Repeat this throughout the day until you see the birds grasp the concept and begin using it.  Once you see one bird using it the rest will follow.  Be sure to remove there old water source prior to giving them this one.  They will use their old water based on habit if it is not removed. Approximately 10 inches wide by 10 inches high not including handle.

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