1 Quail Dispatcher & a 6 Pack of Quail Hangers with Screws

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1 Quail dispatcher and a 6 pack of Rite Farm Products Quail hangers with mounting screws.  Dispatcher and Hangers make killing and cleanup easy and humane.  Proudly made in the USA in Saltillo Texas.  Mounts to walls, posts, 2x4's or any suitable surface that will take a construction screw. For small game birds, quail, pigeons, doves, and alike size birds. We recommend mounting over a garbage can or bucket to collect blood and heads for later composting. Both are made heavy duty to last with a 1/4-inch-thick black poly construction.

Dispatching Instructions: 

Option 1, Head Intact: You hold the bird face up with its back facing you. You place the head of the bird in the dispatcher by putting its head in from the underside up and through to the top side and slide the head towards you (down the tapering end). Then simply give a light tug to dislocate the quails neck, immediately dispatching the quail.

Option 2, Head Off: Same as option 1 except give the bird a more forceful tug to remove the head completely, immediately dispatching the bird.

Hanger Instructions:

Grab the bird by the feet (talons) and slide the feet up from the bottom side to the top side and slide ankle towards you (down the tapered ends), hanging the ankles from the hanger with the feet holding the bird to the hanger. Allow the bird to bleed out with its head removed until the bleeding comes to a stop after a minute or two.

Will process most Quail, Dove, Pigeon, Grouse and other small birds. Made in the USA.

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