8 Pack of Quail & Chick Port Feeders No Waste Feed Saver DIY

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8 pack of Rite Farm Products strong, washable poly Quail and baby chick port style feeders.  Feed saver ports allow you to make and design your own Quail and baby chicken feeders from upcycling your old buckets and containers. Ports are 1 1/2 inches inside and are 1 3/4 inches outside. You simply drill a 1 3/4-inch hole in your container and insert the port feeder. Attaching with glue is optional. No bins or containers are included, and this is for feeder ports only. Bin with ports pictured is for reference only.  Made from high-density, impact-resistant PLA plastic that will not rust, rot, or corrode and is environmentally friendly and made from corn. Easy to keep clean plastic surface.  Outside measurements are 2 inches wide overall including lip and you drill a 1.75-inch hole to insert into your bucket, pail, bin, or container. Made in the USA in Saltillo Texas.

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