Auto Feed Hog Ring Pliers 11/16 = 1/4 Circle Poultry Shrink Bag Wire Cage Pliers

Sale price$24.99


Rite Farm Products auto feed hog ring pliers.  Made to fit our clips of 11/16" hog ring clips.  Will form a circular ring with a 1/4" inside diameter.  Has many uses.

-Perfect for crimping the end of a poultry shrink bag.  Just like you see in the grocery store with the ring on the end of your bag when you buy your thanksgiving turkey!

-Great for building and repairing wire cages.  Great for rabbit cages, poultry cages, building chicken runs, quail cages, bird cages, and so on.

-When you have left over pieces of fencing, hardware cloth, chicken wire, this tool can connect 2 pieces together for making corners and for making 1 longer fence section by connecting 2 smaller pieces.

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