Rite Farm Products 13.5 LB Chicken 4 Port Feeder & 2.2 Gallon 4 Cup Poultry Waterer Set

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COMBO New Model Heavy Duty Rite Farm Products 2.2-gallon capacity auto fill 4 cup waterer & a 13.5-pound capacity 4 port feeder. Both have removable legs for feeding both adult and growing chickens. Each include a heavy-duty chain if you so choose to hang as well. Versatile easy to use design for watering & feeding the backyard flock. They may be hung or sit on the ground and are easy to clean.
-Washable all weather strong plastic construction
-Versatile, can hang with included hanger or sit on the ground
-Features a domed lid for anti-perching 
-Visible water & feed level
-Feeder ports include 4 caps if you want to close off any of the ports when placing up against walls or fencing
-Waterer 15 inches wide by 15 inches tall
-Feeder 12 inches wide by 15 inches tall

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