Quail Egg Candler Cordless handheld ultra bright LED Candling

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Rite Farm Products Black cordless handheld ultra bright LED Quail egg candler. Specifically designed for use with Quail size eggs. Outperforms traditional plug-in egg candlers using today's ultra bright LED technology.  Handheld candler makes it far easier to candle eggs rather than old, outdated methods.  Head of candler is a tapered poly making it clean & safe to candle your eggs and creates a nice tight seal.  Accepts all Quail eggs and other smaller bird eggs of a similar size such has Pigeon.  Candler uses 9 ultra bright LED lights.  Powered by 3 AAA batteries (Not Included). Egg in the picture is what a non-fertile egg looks like at day 14. Bright neon looking all the way through. Fertile egg will look dark and near solid except air sack if candling at day 14 when you are removing the eggs from the egg turner and candling while placing into a lockdown hatcher. We recommend not candling until this day, so it is the only time you test and candle eggs. Testing too soon can lead to false readings.

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