Galvanized 20 Ft Long 4 Rail Continuous Fencing Gate Panel with Mesh

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Rite Farm Products galvanized 20-foot-long 4 rail with mesh continuous fencing gate panel. Panel area is 4 foot tall, and gate is 8 foot tall overall and is typically mounted only an inch or 2 off the ground making a 50-Inch-tall fence. Features 4 heavy duty 14 gauge 1 1/4-inch horizontal rails and 5 pieces of welded 1 inch by 3/16 vertical strapping. Mesh panels feature a 2/3 mesh panel with 2 inch vertical spacing at the base that get progressively larger as it moves up the panel. This allows for very small livestock to be contained and not be able to get out such as piglets, baby lambs and goat kids. Our mesh small livestock continuous fencing panels are specifically designed for smaller livestock including Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Alpacas, Llamas, and exotic animals that are similar in size. Includes 4 rail connectors for connecting to the next section and also includes your choice of weld on hangers, or screw on hangers with self-tapping screws for metal posts or hangers with lag screws for wooden posts.

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