DELUXE PRO 360 Rite Farm Products 21 Chicken Egg Incubator with ALL 5 Included Egg Turner Trays

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Deluxe Rite Farm Products Pro 360 twenty-one chicken egg capacity incubator & hatcher with all 5 egg turner trays included. New top end model has our very latest in egg incubation technology. Includes both a standard/heritage chicken breed 21 egg turner tray and a jumbo/heavy breed 18 egg turner tray. Features a 360-degree egg turning system. Also features an ultra-quiet circulated air fan system to keep even and steady temps throughout the incubator. Seriously, it is so quiet you could put it in your bedroom. Digital display control panel for both temperature in Fahrenheit and humidity. Our competitor's temperature is displayed only in Celsius and ours is in Fahrenheit for US customers. Don't make the mistake of buying an incubator that has a temperature in Celsius, so you never know what the temperature is in Fahrenheit. Completely automated digital control panel has both a temperature and hygrometer probe to maintain a constant optimum environment for incubation. Built in LED egg Candler right on the face of the unit for easy egg testing. You can also press the plus button on this model and automatically test and or turn on your turner egg tray.  Includes a 2-bottle easy fill and change humidity system that allows the option to fill a water channel that fills 1/3 of the round water channel, or the option to fill 2/3 of the water channel with the other bottle. Or use both bottles and it will fill the entire water channel circle. This allows you more precise control over your incubator's humidity. Entire unit is a durable poly design so it can easily be washed and cleaned between hatches unlike the disposable Styrofoam incubators that cannot be properly cleaned after use. Also includes a fully adjustable air vent at the top of the unit for even more precise air and humidity control. Rite Farm Products Incubators come will a full 1-year warranty and all parts are available and stocked should you ever need them. Standard US 110 volt plug in and uses only 50 watts of power. We do offer a sold separately 12-volt power supply cord for this unit as well for off grid or emergencies.  Other included egg turner trays are 24 bantam chicken eggs, 10 Goose, Turkey, Peafowl, or Duck Eggs, and a 36 quail egg tray. Approximate outside dimensions: 14"L x 12.5"W x 6.5"H

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