Rite Farm Products 6 Ostrich Rhea Emu Egg Capacity Tray

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Rite Farm Products ostrich, Large emu and rhea egg tray. 6 egg capacity. We are stocking this item due to the many requests for it. Keep in mind prior to purchasing this you will only be able to use every other tray shelf in your incubator with a tray this large. You will also need to cut and remove the 2 center support straps on the tray shelves that you are using this ostrich tray on. Made to fit our PRO-264, PRO-352, PRO-440, PRO-528, PRO-1056, & PRO-2112 cabinet incubators after the removal of the tray supports.
-If buying for a different brand other than our Rite Farm Products Cabinet Incubators, be sure to check dimensions prior to ordering.
-Machine or hand washable
-19.75 inches long x 14.5 inches wide x 4.5 inch tall.
-Durable and flexible

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