Rite Farm Products Cabinet Incubator Water Supply/Reserve Kit

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Rite Farm Products cabinet incubator 5 gallon gravity water supply/reserve kit. Made to fit all Rite Farm Products Pro Digital Cabinet Incubators. Will also work with other brands that connect to standard garden hose threads or 1/2 pipe threads (NPT, MIP, FIP). Our cabinet incubators water reservoirs are made to be connected to a water supply line for automatic filling of the humidity water pan. For customers that are unable to connect directly to a water line or have the unit indoors and do not want to continually fill the pan, this is the perfect solution. Includes a 5 gallon bucket & lid, all necessary connection fittings, and a 6 foot leader hose. Simply place on top of your cabinet incubator and connect to pan and fill with water. Makes it easy to monitor your water consumption without ever having to worry about your incubator going dry and affecting your hatch.

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