Rite Farm Products S8 Drill Quail Plucker Dove Pigeon

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Rite Farm Products model S8 Made in the USA drill plucker. Uses 8 of our small plucker fingers and has a 3/8" drill shank to fit any drill with a 3/8" or larger chuck. Specially blended latex rubber for the longest life and fastest pluck possible. Unlike the standard rubber fingers, these are not chocky, will not dry out right away, will not crack, or fall apart after repeated use. Ours are engineered to last, stay flexible, and not fall apart due to there expert blended latex rubber. Small size work great for Quail, Pigeon, Dove, Guinea fowl, Bantam Chickens, Small Chickens, and many other birds including game birds for after your hunt. Made in The USA in Saltillo Texas.

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