S8 plucker, kill cone, scalpel, 10 blades, gloves, apron

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This master processing kit includes our model S8 drill plucker, a small kill cone, HD Apron, HD PVC gloves, a stainless steel scalpel, & a 10 pack of carbon steel sterile scalpel blades. Perfect complete kit for large quail pigeon dove, game birds, bantams, ducks and small layers.

DRILL PLUCKER: Rite Farm Products model S8 drill plucker. Uses 8 of our small plucker fingers and has a 3/8" drill shank to fit any drill with a 3/8" or larger chuck. Specially blended latex rubber for the longest life and fastest pluck possible. Color is of a natural blend. Unlike the standard black rubber fingers, these are not chocky, will not dry out right away, will not crack, or fall apart after repeated use. Ours are engineered to last, stay flexible, and not fall apart due to there expert blended latex rubber. Small size work great for Quail, Pigeon, Dove, Guineafowl, Bantam Chickens, Chickens, and many other birds including game birds for after your hunt.

KILL CONE: Rite Farm Products Small restraining/killing cone. Cones make killing and cleanup easy by restraining the bird during bleeding. Professionally made using proper machines for accurate size. Smooth hemmed top and bottom edges and a proper flat back for correct mounting. Flat back design mounts using 2 points to mount for proper hold on surface rather than hanging by one screw only in the middle. For game birds, bantams, ducks and small layers. Measures 10 inches long and 7 inches wide at top. Built to last.

SCALPEL & 10 BLADES: Stainless steel scalpel is #4 in size and is perfect for dispatching and processing a bird. Surgical scalpel is the most humane way to process a bird. The fine sharp blade of a scalpel like used in surgery takes a few minutes for a body to sense the pain as it is such a fine cut. By the time the body senses pain the bird will have already passed. Scalpel and all 10 size #23 blades are individually packaged and sterile.

APRON: Professional heavy duty 35 MIL thick apron. Large 35"x50" size with adjustable rear ties will provide a nice fit even for plus size adult males and or females. PVC/Poly material is backed with a nylon rear fabric to take a beating. These heavy duty top of the line PVC/POLY Aprons also resist mild acids, chemicals, solvents & strong liquids. Making them for meat processors, trappers, butchers, chemical handlers, and more.

GLOVES: 1 pair of 12" long black PVC gauntlet gloves. PVC coating is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer that provides excellent abrasion resistance and effective protection against caustics, oils, greases, chemicals and solvents. These gloves provide great flexibility, fit, & grip. Mens Large size are flexable and will fit most men. Gloves have a single lined inside cotton layer making the comfortable to wear. Gloves also resist mild acids, chemicals, solvents & strong liquids. Making them for meat processors, trappers, skinners, butchers, chemical handlers, and more.

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