Standard brooder lamp light fixture

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Standard brooder lamp light fixture. This brooder lamp mounts overhead with a hanger loop. The hanger loop works great to hang the lamp from a small chain. This way you can adjust the chain up or down to get the brooder/coop at the perfect temperature. We live in a northern climate and when it get chilly at night we lower the lamp a few inches and raise it a few inches during the warmer part of the day to keep the temperature the same when you are raising baby chicks.

This fixture also includes a 4 prong heat protector guard.
Comes with a standard 6 foot UL Listed power cord and a ceramic type A bulb socket to handle the heat.
Works with 250 or 125 watt infrared heat lamp bulbs and also accepts standard household bulbs if you ever choose to move it from the brooder to the coop.
Hanger loop
Large 10 1/2 inch dome
110 Volt

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